5 NorthEastern Bands You’ve Got To Hear

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  1. Rida & The Musical Folks
  2. Testeo Sisters
  3. Soulmate
  4. The Vinyl Records
  5. Abiogenesis

As Rida of Rida & The Musical Folks likes to put it, Music is there and will always be there in all things natural. A region that plays in the bounty of flourishing nature then, therefore, assures the creation of spectacular music too. The Northeasterners do not disappoint.

Over the years the 7 Sister States have given the world of music several gems that were widely pronounced for their immense talent. There also lies a lot of music in these states that goes undiscovered or unheard. These artists lay underground creating art with passion.

A little digging on the internet would lead you to find some music that’d turn staples in your playlist; irrespective of your understanding of the language.

What is peculiar though about the music from the NorthEast is its strong inspiration from and reflection of the traditional regional music. Also, the connection to nature and use of natural, raw sounds in the process of creation.

We put down our list of 5 NorthEastern Music Creators that you need to give a listen to.

  1. Rida & The Musical Folks

Rida, founder, songwriter and lead singer at Rida and The Musical Folks is a lady that exudes what the band and its music stand for; pure love and respect for nature and its gifts. Bringing music rooted in regional and cultural heritage, combining it with natural sounds, the band brings you music you desperately need, to escape the noise, if you’re an old soul too.

  1. Tetseo Sisters

The Four Naga Sisters have turned somewhat of cultural ambassadors of NorthEastern music. The girls utilize traditional instruments and sing in English or Chokri dialect of the Chakhesang Naga tribe. Over the years they’ve delivered some beautiful Folk, Fusion and Pop songs that one could hear if they head over to the Tetseo Sisters’ YouTube Page.

  1. Soulmate

Soulmate was born back in 2003 and has ever since ruled the Blues and RnB scene in India.

What more would one expect when an exceptional vocalist like Tipriti Kharbangar and genius guitarist Rudy Wallang get together. You’d find multiple videos of performances by them on YouTube.

  1. The Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Records is another all-girl band from the NorthEast. The girls get together to create music that they call Indie Post-Punk. An interesting combination of these two genres makes their music worth a listen. Also, they pull off some really amazing performances. You could find their music and other performance videos on YouTube.

  1. Abiogenesis

A wonderful incorporation of indigenous and tribal sounds with new music is an act put up by Abiogenesis that would leave one nothing but spellbound. The band is also credited with the evolution of Howeymusic (fusion of Naga folk with various forms of music). You can find their music on their YouTube Page Abiogenesis – The folk fusion band from Nagaland.

That was a round-up of some interesting music we came across. We hope we’ve given you enough good music to get through the week. Let us know what are your favorite bands on our Social Media.


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