BJP’s Ram Madhav Says ‘We are Not Here to Dictate Food Habits of Anybody’, Right Wingers Take Twitter by Storm

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  • BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav was in Shillong on Saturday
  • Right Wing people started the #BanBeefInMeghalaya trend on Twitter
  • Earlier Nalin Kohli has also spoken about ‘No Ban on Beef’ in Meghalaya
  • Soon it became a public debate on social media platforms

BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav was in Shillong on Saturday to look for the preparation of the Meghalaya BJP and to lead the intellectual meet of the party in the state. The minister addressed the local media as well. While giving his speech he mentioned, “We respect the food habit of Meghalaya”. which later became a public debate.

The leader said,

We are not here to dictate food habits of anybody. We celebrate diversity. But we are bigger worshippers of unity. With this reassurance, we appeal to the educated enlightened ppl of Meghalaya to help citizens of the state get a Corruption free Govt in the state”

As soon as the comment of Ram Madhav surfaced the social media platforms, the right wingers got furious about the comment of the BJP general secretary. Several tweets were tweeted within an hour in support of the ban on beef in the entire country with Meghalaya being no exception.

Right Wing people started the #BanBeefInMeghalaya trend on Twitter and soon the hashtag was trending nation-wise. Many verified handles joined in, to tweet on the hashtag in support of the beef-ban. One of the handles wrote,

“The way India handles the cow is an environmental marvel. The farmer uses cows to cultivate the fields. The milk is used as part of the dairy industry. Even the waste, or “gobar”, has its uses.

Similarly, one of the handles shared a cartoon that highlighted the hypocrisy of BJP in Meghalaya.

Image Tweeted by @realvky on Twitter

One of the Twitter handles wrote about the emotional attachment of Indians with cow. He wrote,

“Pet dog owners consider the animal as part of their family and many in India even have a problem with stray dogs being culled legally by the government. That way India has a much greater emotional attachment with the cow.

Another handle pointed out the hypocrisy of BJP. He wrote,

“Why has double standards on ? For votes they are ready to cut the cost of beef in Meghalaya and have different opinion on this but in other states they are ready to kill people for the same”.

Few other tweets under the hashtag are

One of the tweeple called for the uniformity in democracy, and hence justified the ban on beef in Meghalaya.

One of the supporters requested BJP to stop endorsing the ‘cheap tactic’ of NE states acting as the minority states. He wrote,

I humbly request BJP to stop endorsing this “minority card” played by NE states. Their argument against our true Indian culture is nothing more than a cheap shot at promotion of fetishised traditional values

Soon the debate over the ban on beef started over Twitter. People threw light on the factual data, some countered them. Some were aggressive on the fundamental statement of BJP.



The election in-charge of Meghalaya state, Nalin Kohli speaks that the ban should be decided by the state government. Beef is the staple food of Meghalaya but seems like, it suits the political plates more. At one side, Congress party speaks nothing in the favour of ban. Instead, the party rose its voice against the Center on the issue. While the controversy made the party’s ideologies stronger in rest of the country, it made the saffron party to get on backfoot in Meghalaya. Many BJP leaders quit the party on the note of ban.

Nalin Kohli in Shillong

One of the former leaders of BJP in Meghalaya, Bernard Marak had said, “Consumption of beef is a routine thing among Garo people, most of whom are Christians. But the prices are very high as there is no regularisation. If elected, our party will regularise sale, which will bring prices down.” On the statement, the BJP chief of Meghalaya Shibun Lyngdoh played safe and said that the party had no connection with the statement made by the leader.

Mr. Lyngdoh added, “As a party, we haven’t made any promise of bringing down prices of beef if elected to power in the state next year. But there won’t be a ban on beef in Meghalaya.” The stand of BJP led to the resignation of Bernard Marak. It must be mentioned that Mr. Marak had announced that he would throw the beef party to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three years in power. Well, the statement didn’t go well and the party had to face the controversy.

It seems like, the controversy over the Beef ban would not get settled any soon. BJP is being pointed out by the people for the ‘hypocrisy’. In another part of the country, cow is holy but in Meghalaya, it could be in the plate of the people. The question arises “How would BJP face its strong supporters who advocate the beef-ban if the party supports the beef-ban in all over the country but not in the Northeastern states?”


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