The Campaign ‘India Racism’ is Launched, Receives Warm Welcome

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  • The campaign comes up with the portal
  • Chief guests list of the event includes Mr. R. P. Singh,  Mr. Bimol Akoijam, Ms. Diskit C. Angmo and Ms. Saumya Saxena.
  • Issue of Racism can be reported directly on the website.



Racism has been an integral part of the society, no matter how much one refuses to accept it. People have been the part of it, people have faced it. And thus, a group of the nationalist charter has come up with the idea of a portal ( that speaks loud on the issue and demands the people to be the part of the campaign.

The Guests Spoke on the Issue

Chief Guests of the event.


The campaign has been started with the joint effort of the Team NEI, to bring out the issues that have been faced by the people of the country of different ethnics. The event was held at India Press Club, New Delhi. On this occasion, personas from different sectors were present to voice their opinions. The group of the chief guests included Mr. R.P. Singh (Member of the Indian Cricket Team), Mr. Bimol Akoijam (Assistant Professor of JNU), Ms. Diskit C. Angmo (Member of Indian Women’s Ice Hockey Team), Ms. Saumya Saxena (Legal Historian and Consultant Lawyer, Law Commission of India).


Ms. Parul explaining the idea of India Racism.


Ms. Parul, who has taken the charge of this India Racism, started speaking on the matter and raised the fair points on the issue. She showed how the system of this campaign works and how someone can make the best use of it and the website to raise his/her voice. She explained the aspects and the functionality of the portal www. so that a person could just click the website, to get his/her voice heard and showed how someone can report the issue of racism directly on the website even if the person wants to remain anonymous. She then invited the assistant professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mr. Bimol Akoijam to speak on the issue. He raised the trivial issues that had been faced by him, being the native from Manipur. That he had been termed as the South East Asian at times, that he had been called the Chinese, that he had been judged when he showed interest in listening to the songs of Kishore Kumar during his stay in Delhi since last thirty years. He applauded the cause by saying, “The first problem of dealing with a problem is acknowledging that it exists, and I’m really glad that we are admitting that there is a race problem in this country and that we have a platform to address these issues”.


Professor Bimol during the event


Later during the event, Ms. Parul invited Diskit C. Angmo to the stage, to speak her opinion on the issue. Diskit did share her experiences on the issue of racism, she spoke her heart out. And termed the points she has faced despite being the ace player of Indian Women’s Ice Hockey Team. She later added, “Every one of us who has mongoloid features is put under the umbrella of being north east Indian. It’s no shame, it’s just that I’m an individual, with my own history, with my own story, with my own hometown, and I represent the country I love and I come from, at an international level, but I’m just a Chinki to the naked eye. It is really shameful that even though I represent this country at an international level, when I come back to it, I get called Chinki, momos and I am being treated as if I am not an Indian”.


Ace Indian Women Ice Hockey Team Player, Diskit C. Angmo during the event


As the event progressed, Ms. Parul invited Mr. R. P. Singh, the elite member of Indian Cricket team to speak on the issue. Mr. Singh had his share of experiences. Though he admitted that, being in the Indian Cricket Team, he didn’t get the piece of it to the greater extent, still he had been called the names and shared few of his own experiences. Mr. Singh said, “Indians play the victim when they go abroad, but we never admit that we are racist towards one another. When I left UP for Bombay when I started playing cricket, I was immediately labeled ‘UP ka Bhaiyya’, and these generalizations are so coming in the country that we never think that we are making a mistake when we assume them.”


R. P. Singh. the Indian Team Cricket Team member sharing his thoughts


And lastly, Ms. Parul invited Ms. Saumya Saxena, Legal Historian and Consultant Lawyer, Law Commission of India to voice her opinions. Ms. Saxena did speak on the issue of racism and added how women are being affected because of this ‘unheard’ issue. She was firm on the points how women have suffered and how racism has created hurdles for them to grow in the society. She boiled down her thoughts by saying, “Women face a duality of discrimination in this country, first in the domestic sphere and then when they go out, at the public sphere. Even against racism, women in India have to deal with it at home and then when they step outside”.


Ms. Saumya Saxena during the event


We must say, the campaign is one of its kind and has managed to draw the attention of the people from the different parts. And we do hope that someday, the campaign would mark its presence in the society. Let’s just hope that the campaign grows its wing and flourishes well so that the word ‘Racism’ loses its own identity and the issue vanishes somewhere in the history!


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