Females of Manipur Retort to Victimization; Here are the Facts

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  • There has been a steep rise in crime against women in Manipur
  • Women in Manipur have always played a significant role both in the social and economic life

In ancient times women were confined to health and matters of the family but Women of Manipur continue to contribute to the family income through doing work in the paddy field or by fishing or weaving dresses or making baskets and so on. Though, female literacy rate and male-female sex ratio (census 2001) tells the story of discrimination against women just like the rest of the Indian society and women’s participation in government employment and their representation in the government are low compared to their male fellows, but this has not impeded their involvement in movements for a peaceful life in Manipur.

Women in Manipur have always played a significant role both in the social and economic life. Unlike the traditional Indian society, in Manipur, the women did not hide their faces behind curtain or veil even in the colonial era.

If we talk about the women’s movement in Manipur it is quite different from others. It is the movement for equality or liberation for women. It is not the movemnet to raise their status, but, it is against the acts which affect the interest of people or state.

Women’s rights organisations in Manipur are amplifying the dialogue on the critical role of indigenous women as human rights defenders, peace-builders and natural resources managers who play a vital role in conserving community forests and biodiversity. “Women have a profound knowledge about forests and managing natural resources that is passed on as oral tradition,” said Sanate. “It is critical that this knowledge is preserved to build the resiliency of communities to stop climate change and degradation of our natural resources.”

There has been a steep rise in crime against women in Manipur despite the emergence of a large number of women’s vigil groups and civil bodies and higher recruitment in the police department.

Manipur very often there has been report of brutal sexual assault, rape and mutilation committed by the male armed personnel. In the present situation of the armed confrontation in Manipur, the rights of women are grossly violated and marginalized.

Violent struggle if not timely solved, remain for too long then it often gets exacerbated into situation of constant conflict. Gender analysts here said misuse of technology, delayed delivery of justice, poor economic condition and imposition of the controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (Afspa) are some of the factors fuelling crime against women in the state. They said lack of human rights and gender equality education in police training and non-implementation of gender issues in education are adding to the problem.

Manipuri women play a significant role in the social, political, economic and cultural activities of the state. They are independent, courageous, assertive and react effectively against any wrong doing of the ruling authority. However, inspite of allthese contributions and the important roles played by the women, they are still treated as a second class citizen.

The changing social, political and economic situation in the state of Manipur and armed conflicts has huge impact on the structure and activities with simultaneous changes of the role of women in the society. In today’s context lives of women are becoming more and more complex and their role and responsibilities in both the family and the society are more and more demanding.

Manipuri women who are left behind by the male members of their families due to various reasons such as forced disappearance, arrest or even to the extent of being killed in the form of “collateral damages” or otherwise as an after affect of the armed conflict have to assist the household with whatever meager means available to them and as a consequences consequences of such responsibilities they have to face a lot of trouble alone.


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