Do You Know all These Dishes from Nagaland?


Naga cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the Naga people. It features meats and fish, which are often smoked, dried or fermented. Naga food tends to be spicy(chilies). Let’s know some naga dishes….

Beans Mix


A healthy earthy mixture included beans, tomatoes, peas, cabbage and all sort of other natural Nagaland ingredients. It was a delicious concoction that wasn’t overly strong in flavor, but a garnish for rice and intended carries a different taste for sure.

Kongshia Lon – Eel Chili Sauce

The eel chili sauce is excellent, dry eel pounded with lots of chilies, garlic, and salt. You will be quite satisfied with just a spoonful of this eel chili sauce and rice.

Bamboo Steamed Fish


In this dish, fish were stuffed into a hollow tube of bamboo with a few light spices and then placed in the ash of the fire to cook.

After the fish was cooked, simply emptied out of the bamboo into a bowl and ready to be served. They were quite plain and boney, there is a nice bamboo flavor in the fish will present.

Smoked Pork Stew


The dried smoky pork was chopped into bite-sized pieces before being boiled in a thin soup that included potatoes, tomatoes, and chilies. It was salty and so smoky that you could almost taste the fire.

Boiled Vegetables


Vegetables are most commonly boiled without any seasoning. The boiled vegetables accompany the meat and rice and also go with the different chili sauces (more listed below). Boiled vegetables are a big part of Nagaland food.

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