Opinion: SC Judges Press Conference, Judiciary’s Image is at Stake!

In one of its kind event, the Supreme Court judges brought the internal dispute in front of the eyes of the public, to say the least, going to affect the image of the Indian Judiciary, which I think, would take a lot of time to repair.

Okay, I agree that the judges were aggrieved to the core but how could it be termed as the move that the country needed at this time? The Judiciary System of the country is respected to the limit, the verdicts of the Supreme Court are respected by the people of this country, and since the last 70 years, there had not been a single incident when the internal dispute of the Supreme Court ever found a way to elope out of the judicial galleries. The question does arise, had there not been even a single moment when there wouldn’t have been an internal dispute? If we peep into the past, there were clashes of the Apex Court with the current governments, with the internal system, then why did it take so long to make a public image? The answer is lucid enough, the earlier guardians of the judiciary system never wanted to dilute the faith in Indian Judiciary.

Let me get it clear, I am not on the side of CJI Dipak Misra. The judges have challenged the monopoly of CJI and yes, they do have all the rights to question the CJI but shouldn’t it have been done within the confined walls of the Supreme Court?  Going to the press could have been the last step which should have been taken by the honourable judges.

But then, the event is now being connected with the political ideologies of the judges and the CJI. Somehow, the four judges Justice J Chelameswar, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Madan B Lokur and Justice Kurien Joseph are now being connected with the voices that speak against the saffron party. BJP took the charge and said that Congress is playing the dirty politics and is manipulating the judicial system. On the other hand, the opposition says that the government is molding the judicial system to benefit its selfish agendas. Out of 24 judges of Supreme Court (who are appointed by the Honourable President), four judges turn to press and the dispute gets public and later turns out to be tandoor for the political agendas to be baked in.

No matter how much I try to convince myself, but the issue would take time to resolve and it would much more time to repair the image of the Indian Judiciary. It would not be an exaggeration if I say that this incident could be the genesis of making the future disputes of the Honourable Supreme Court public!

I, as a citizen of this country, reside (may be used to reside) faith in the judiciary. And thus, this is an honest opinion of a common man, that making the dispute public is an utter shame for us, as a Nation. Let there be the political agendas out of the perimeter of Supreme Court, please! Political parties would get enough agendas, always and every time, spare the judiciary, don’t mock the faith of the common people.

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