Racism: The Shaky Foundation of a Very New/Progressive India


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  • We say ‘What and where is Nagaland’
  • If we can’t respect our own country-men then why do we wish to get respect in other countries and how?

We all are proud of being Indian. Not kidding! I mean, yeah for sure, we all are proud of being Indian because we say ‘What and where is Nagaland’, because we say ‘Chinki’ & ‘Thapa’ to our country’s men & women, because we disrespect them publicly and then again, we say we all are proud of being Indians.

In our country, there is a quote ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. Do we really know the meaning of this line? NO! we don’t! The meaning of this phrase is that our guest is God or we respect our guest the way we respect our God but nowadays, we have just been at the verge of depleting the meaning of this beautiful say. The fact is if we can’t respect our country’s men & women then how can we suppose that we will respect any guest from other countries.

Whenever Indians go to other countries, there have been several incidents that came to light when Indians were not being treated well. So, the question is, if we can’t respect our own country-men then why do we wish to get respect in other countries and how?

Here we have some recent incidents when Indians showed the racist behavior to own countrymen from the part of North East India and disrespected them publicly. Let’s have a look at the reports.

The National Youth Festival, Greater Noida

The National Youth Festival which was held two days ago at Gautam Buddha University in Greater Noida was marred by charges of discrimination against the teams belonging to North-East.

These teams from the North-East were not given proper transportation and the volunteers too refused to give assistance when asked for help from these teams. Further, when the Nagaland team aired its redressal, the officials reacted with statements such as ‘what and where is Nagaland!’. The volunteers too went to the extent of making derogatory statements such as ‘pagal ho..pagal hi rahoge’, chinki, Thapa etc.

Moreover, when these teams approached media for live, DD news refused them. It was the Indian Express which covered this whole incident.

Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai

In another issue of disgusting behavior against people from Northeast came to light at Chennai’s Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium during Indian Supper League match, where few youths from NE were allegedly harassed in the stadium by some locals during the ongoing ISL match between the North East United FC and Chennaiyin FC. A video went viral of the incident which seen that few people from NE were being harassed by some locals from Chennai.

Uber Driver Taunts Assamese Boy

Kaushik Jai Barua, a 25-year-old lawyer and musician became a victim of racism as well. He wanted to take his mother to a religious function in Gurgaon. He booked an Uber for the same. But that Uber driver made sure Kaushik and his mother wouldn’t forget that day for a long time to come.

Although the victims go to protest, rally and mass strike also the government take them seriously but only for few weeks. The government does nothing to get the solution out and that’s the harsh truth. There are too many NGOs that dwell in the society for the act but as usual, they forget the victims sooner or later. No one is ready to take action and none wants to help them.

So, the question is, till when these types of incidents would keep coming to light? Who should be termed responsible for the word ‘racism’? The people or the Government or the society we live in? The age-old practices, the division of the looks people possess, the eating habits, issues are many, we as a society should take a stand now. It’s high time that we start addressing the problems associated with the word racism. One problem at a time!

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