Rahul Gandhi’s Blooper In Us, Twitterati Reacted In India

rahul gandhi US speech blooper

Story highlights

  • Rahul Gandhi, on a two-week visit to the United States, will interact with global thinkers, political leaders, and NRIs.
  • But during his address, he again hit a blooper that leads the Twitterati to have a field-day.
  • A mispronounced number of the seats in the Lower House of the country lead the people to mock at him.

The Gandhi scion and the Vice President of the Historical Congress party Rahul Gandhi again hit a blooper and this time it is beyond the boundaries of the nation. Rahul is in the United States for two weeks, he will interact with global thinkers, political leaders, and NRIs. But during an event at the University of California at Berkeley, he again gives a field to the Twitterati to mock at him.

Rahul mispronounced Lok Sabha seats as 546, not 545

Rahul Gandhi once again gives a reason to mock at him and this time it is out of the boundaries of the nation. Rahul is on his visit to the US to address the students at the University of California in Berkeley.

Speaking on ‘India at 70: Reflections on the Path Forward’, Rahul spoke about the contemporary India and its way forward as the world’s largest democracy. But what caught everybody’s eye is a minor, but hopefully unintentional, gaffe.

Rahul, while delivering the speech mispronounced the number of seats in the Lower House as 546, not 545. Though it is a minor mistake or may be a slip of mind but, the Twitterati were waiting for the chance.

As everyone knows that the Legislative House cannot have an even number of seats, but Rahul might be ignorant of the fact mispronounced the number.

Another instance that added to Rahul’s woes was when a woman (probably) asked a question not-to-the-liking of the Congress leader and had her shut up.

But she wasn’t someone to have been silenced without much retaliation. She retorted, “How is this free speech if you are controlling what is being asked?”

This is not the first time when Rahul while delivering his speech give away some punches to the people to mock at. He was present in Bangalore at the inauguration of Indira Canteen. Here, Rahul, while giving the speech mispronounced ‘Indira Canteen’ as ‘Amma Canteen’ along with this he said ‘many cities in Bangalore’ etc.

Rahul’s tongue-twist not new as many times during Rajya Sabha session he while addressing the house makes bloopers out of his speeches. Most famous is the ‘MANREGA ie MGNREGA’

Twitter reaction under #RGinUS

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